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Hello! My specialties include: Substance Use/Addictions; Grief and Loss; Life Transitions as well as Anxiety and Depression. In addition, I have experience as a Spiritual and Christian counselor. People pursue counseling for a variety of reasons. Emotional pain is often associated with one's desire to seek professional help. A client's expressed needs, issues and goals are vital to moving forward with the development of individualized treatment goals.
I am a Master Addiction Counselor with over 24 years of experience treating individuals and their families who are experiencing life disruptions associated with addictive behavior. Grief and loss have been especially difficult over the last year. I use evidence based practices designed to help clients address their issues and goals.
The desire to pursue counseling takes courage. Sometimes situations may seem insurmountable. My years of experience have shown that people who are motivated often make incredible changes. Finding hope leads to emotional healing. I am anxious to help you find a path of your own choosing. My pledge is to offer you respect, confidentiality and acceptance. My specialties are substance use, grief, and life transitions.

Paula Caldwell: About Me
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